Rosiane Gouvêa  Brazilian artist

Born in the city of Vitória, in the state of  Espírito Santo on November 29, 1963. 

Formed in the course of Plastic Arts - Bachelor in Design at the Federal University of Espirito Santo - UFES. 

Rosiane was monitoring the Course of artistic design. 

Studied "Illustration Botany," especially for watercolors, taught by English artist Cristabel F. King from the Royal Botanic Garden, England - in the Botanic Garden of Sao Paulo. 

She was chief of the Section of Technical Drawing in DETRAN in Vitoria in Espírito Santo. 

Part of the course "ALL VIVE" whose subject was "GAIA," ecology in a vision to quantum biology, psychology and arts in the "Week of Science and Culture" of UFES - ES.

Works as a trainee in Sector Projects Section of the Artistic kovnici in Rio de Janeiro.

It is registered as Botany Illustrator, in the team of artists for Post of Brazil.

She argued publicly at university (UFES), his monograph on the Botanical Design - a historical and philosophical story about the motivation to represent the human flora - under the guidance of artists and teachers Attilio Colnago and Maria Rangel of Thanks. Obtaining the maximum degree .

She was professor of the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ. Where gave courses Botanical Design, Artistic Design I, II, III, Design of human anatomy, Creation of the Form (Theory of Color).

Minister inaugural lecture in class to the course of biology at University Society Augusto Mota - SUAM in Rio de Janeiro.

Participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and in the state of Espírito Santo. 

Participated in 1995 of the First International Competition of Illustration of Bromeliads - Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro.

Participated in 1996 of the Seventh National Competition of Illustration Botany of the Foundation Botany Margareth Mee in Brazil  with watercolor at the National Museum of Fine Arts - Selected among the 23 best works.

She currently works in his Atelier in Rio de Janeiro, taking orders from customers and teaching courses in drawing, painting and watercolor.


Botanical illustration

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